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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Miyu Zaki

Sorry for the rather unoriginal name, I was drawing blanks at the time.

Traits: Commitment Issues - Dramatic - Flirty - Snob - Artistic

Miyu is a little spitfire, alright. Some people may think she's a snob, but she just knows what she wants, and won't settle for less. She wants to work in the Stylist profession, sharing her views of beauty with the world.

I have all three expansion packs installed, so that might affect if she works in your game or not.

Miyu -

CC List!

Skin: Again, pretty sure this is it (correct me if I'm wrong) -



Lipstick: Bottom one (Pretty sure, again, correct me if I'm wrong)

Eye Liner: Fierce


Tights: Holy Fishnets!

Top is from the base game. Bottoms are from World Adventures. I tried to keep it simple.

You'll also need these.

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